Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Don't think twice, it's all white (Part I): Wardrobe edition

above images found here and here, photos by Kate Sands

As if it weren't evidenced by my two outfits above, I am a huge fan of monochromatic outfits (as seen here and here), but especially white ones. There's something that reads minimal and chic in an all-white outfit and I think that regardless of age and size, white from head-to-toe works for any and all. So, I have taken it upon myself to style up some simple white outfits that are perfect for any occasion in any weather.

Look 1: Summer Picnic

 This eyelet pinafore dress is the ultimate summer staple! The best part is the yoke can be removed so you can wear your dress two ways: with yoke or without for a simple cotton dress! Pair it with this incredible 50s plastic and beaded purse and you'll be turning fellow picnic-ers heads as you stride past.

Look 2: Casual Workwear

I'm lucky enough that working at Street Scene allows me a lot of room for stylish wardrobe options. This Kentucky for Kentucky t-shirt is perfect when paired with some vintage bell bottoms. Casual, yet cute, and certainly thematic working at a vintage store in KY!

Look 3: Gallery Hopping

One of my favorite ways to spend an evening is participating in gallery hops. In Lexington or Louisville or beyond, it's a fun way to support local artists, drink some free wine and generally be opened up to new creative vision and inspiration. This little outfit is perfect for a hot night! Paired with this amazing leather clutch, you'll be so groundbreaking people will be wondering whether you're part of the exhibit!

 Look 4: Family Gathering

I don't know about you, but even a casual get-together with my family requires dressing up. Jean shorts and a tank top don't have a place at the table, but this sweet and flattering little number does! Though it needs a slip, this pleated white dress could take you to a number of different occasions when paired with a clear glass bead necklace and oversized buckle bag. Smith family reunion, here I come!

_Maggie Lanham_

P.S. Stay tuned for next Wednesday when I highlight my favorite white home decor!

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