Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Don't think's all white (Part II): Home Edition

 above images found here and here, photos by Kate Sands

I feel as if at this point it's insanely obvious how much I love a monochromatic outfit (especially a white one), but did you know that love extended into my home? Though at the moment I'm in a place that doesn't allow for my fantasy all-white home, I hold on to the dream that someday...someday...that heavenly color palette will be mine from head-to-toe and wall-to-wall!

To help those of you without kids (or insanely well-behaved ones), here are some fabulous white home items we have in the store that need a chic home!

set of 4 white textured curtain panels: $40

We have two of these Candlewick bed spreads in full size: $48-50

 Tulip table - $100

 White and gold textured hamper - $79

 White and gold pair of mirror-top tables: $85

 White geometric pattern loveseat - $150

 Beautiful white armless chair - $199

 Full patio set - $199

 White metal cabinet - $289

 Pair of white glossy owl lamps - $250

 White owl umbrella stand - $36

Cream princess phone - $35

And below are visions of homes that dance in my dreams at night...

all images above via Pinterest

Please send pictures if you already have a home I'd be jealous of - it will lead me further down the path of realization that I too can have a picturesque white, minimal home!


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