Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Floral of the South: Chintz

Recently I came across a fabulous spread in Southern Living Magazine discussing the return of floral chintz to the decorating scene, and highlighting several designers and their takes on the trend.  I love all things floral, and was very inspired by the ideas and photos that resurrect a print most people have viewed as outdated since its last hoorah in the late 80s.

(1759) The pattern first became popular in America when George Washington purchased chintz patterned bedroom furniture for his home, Mount Vernon.  The fabric he purchased was said to have been the classic blue and white chintz that we all have come to know and love.  

(1948) The famous and ultra-luxurious Greenbrier resort in West Virginia opened in the late 1940s decorated by one of my personal icons, Dorothy Draper.  Chintz was placed on just about everything that would sit still, combined with lots of bold colors and patterns.

(1963) First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy began a complete renovation of the White House including this lovely chintz guest bedroom, making the floral ever so popular once again.

 (1986) Chintz was back in a big way in the late 80s- early 90s on the heels of the hit sitcom Designing Women. The show followed the ladies of Sugarbaker and Associates, a prominent decorating firm out of Atlanta, who loved nothing more than oodles and oodles of chintz. 

Now over 20 years later chintz is becoming popular yet again in a whole new way.  Gone are the washed out pastels of the 80's, and matchy matchy patterns and colors.  I love the modern takes on decorating with chintz and mixing it with more modern furniture, bold patterns, and brighter colors.  You can find it anywhere from wallpaper, fabric, and pillows to bathing suits, purses, and dresses.   To top it all off, we just got a perfect chintz floral sofa ($199) in the store that I am just dreaming of styling up in true southern fashion.

chintz sofa- $199 @ Street Scene

Here are some of my favorite chintz looks:

 The Greenbrier via Daily Candy

via Etsy

The Greenbrier via Thirbly

via Cursed

 plaid + chintz! via Nelson Barnum

 The Greenbrier via Pinterest

via Etsy

 via Anne Sage

 via Etsy

 via Lonny

 via Pinterest

Dorothy Draper/ The Greenbrier

 Todd Oldham via New York Mag

 via Pinterest

 The Greenbrier by Dorothy Draper via Pinterest

via Flickr

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