Friday, July 25, 2014

Nailed It!

As we all know, I'm into my nails. The only way I can stay in nail biting recovery is to maintain a constant unhealthy obsession with my nail maintenance...some might say I'm trading one problem for another...I say, that's pretty accurate, but my current problem is much more attractive, so that's a positive move! Let's dive into my nail icons and humor my personal nail vanity...

 I love the fabulous women who shop at Street Scene so much. I get to see the most wonderful lifetime long nails on a daily basis. There are a couple regular customers that have a true commitment to completely impractical nail lengths and I stand in  awe every time they visit us. I only hope to be as successful in my future "life of luxury" plans.

 Barbra Streisand has the most beautiful hands/nails in the world and deserves praise for her consistent nail excellence...

 When in doubt hold a glass of Pinot Grigio in front of your face and paint your nails a nice creamy neutral! One my favorite tips I stole from Babs to make your nails look even longer!
 Don't get it twisted, this stacked ring thing didn't come out of thin air.
 Now that's what it looks when someone is giving it all they got...she proves it is possible to emote with even the tips of your fingers.
 This pic would blow Instagram up! #nofilter #naturalnails
 If your pointer finger breaks and you need to distract everyone from the slight inconsistancy in your nail lengths, stack up the most incredible bronze, copper, and beaded jewelry. Easy as pie.
 Don't know who this is, but she's killing it.
 The Long Island Medium must use her "beaver teeth" (I came up with that) nails to help her channel the other side. I think they work like antennas to the beyond!
 To the beyond...

Indulge Me...
 I believe my nails grow faster when I'm at the beach...can't find any scientific evidence to back this theory up, but the proof is in the polka dot mani!
 Loved my rainbow manicure.
 I was in an acrylic phase...I couldn't believe the manicurist could hand paint houndstooth!! Wish I could do it myself!
 This could be my favorite manicure I've ever had! OPI Bubble Bath (the best neutral) and gradating polka dots.
 A couple weeks ago I spent about 3 hours doing this to myself...those are REAL dried flowers all up in my mani! It wasn't hard, but shew it took forever, glad I got this photo before it peeled off :(

Thanks for sharing my unhealthy habit! If ya got em' please come in and show em'!!

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