Monday, August 25, 2014

Cool in Culottes

As hard as I try not to be, I am a sucker for trends. Unfortunately, that usually means whatever I buy ends up in the Goodwill pile by the end of the season, leaving me ashamed, guilt-ridden and broke. However, the trends of this summer have been refreshingly versatile, and I've already found that even my most trendy purchases are transitioning into my fall wardrobe flawlessly. But though all the pieces I bought this summer were fun, there is one that is absolutely perfect for the approaching cooler weather: the culottes. These pants have taken on many different names, but can really be described in just one word: fabulous. Not only do they fit right in with the normcore fad of the moment, they can also be downright elegant, chic, sophisticated and ridiculously comfy. And let's be real here people - with the fall holidays (that are largely centered around food, might I add) quickly approaching, we're all going to need some looser pants.

Harper's Bazaar

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