Friday, August 8, 2014

I'll be back...

  Arnold Schwarzenegger is the first man I remember having romantic feelings for...I've definitely grown out of that phase, but quoting my 8 year old crush seems appropriate here. I've said good-bye before and look what happened...I just can't stay away! It just feels so good to be inside the circle! I cannot stay gone from Lexington for long without feeling lonesome for my family and Street Scene is a part of that family. I feel incredibly lucky I get to call this place mine. I won't say good-bye again because I know I will find new and creative ways to be all up in Street Scene's business...FOREVER! I will work one day a month for free until the end of time as long as they continue to invite me on Secret Street Scene Society Social Events (SSSSSE...I just made that up, not a real thing). We have so much fun playing together and I like to think our customers can feel that love!
  In the meantime I will be temporarily luxuriating in the sunshine state! Good ole Florida is going to do wonders for this ole gal's aches and pains, as well as my vintage hoard! Florida is a thrifter's paradise. Let's face it, wealthy older people go there to retire...all those designer clothes got to go somewhere and I'm hoping it's my closet! Help me get in the mood for fun in the sun with some vintage Florida inspiration...

Of course my number one Florida style inspration is the Golden Girls! Life long role models in every single way for me and so many others! 

I think I already own Betty White's outfit! Guess I'm already on the right track!

Now all I need is some super cool workout gear...

Believe it or not, I'm already a proud owner of Estelle Getty's workout VHS! I'm going to feel the burn in style!

If you pay close attention to the show you will see that Bea Arthur commonly wears the most incredible Chanel clip-ons! As a non-perforated person I would REALLY like to get my hands on a pair like hers!!! This is my Florida thrift holy grail.   



And of course, I will be singing the Miami Jingle while shopping for good luck!!

 And while you're thinking Miami the next logical thought is vintage Versace...

 What an incredible talent and what stunning home. 
Made. For. Luxury.
 Fans and Tassels on my tights!?! YES PLEASE.
The gangs all there!

And best of all...I'll get to hangout with my Spirit Animal, the FLAMINGO!! I hope I can live up to all of these incredible Florida style icons!! Wish me luck, I'll report back if I hit the jackpot! I will miss you all so much, thanks for taking care of me.


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