Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Very Haunted Halloween

I love decorating for fall and Halloween, and just like my Christmas decor, every room needs to have a different theme.  I don't go quite as over-the-top with my Halloween decor as I do with Christmas (meaning every room in the house isn't decorated), but I always decorate my living room, front yard/porch, and kitchen.  Every year I have to have my "creepy" Halloween themed room, and I really go all out with the creepy cloth, spiderwebs, skulls, crows, and bats!  We just finished our creepy Halloween display here in the store and this year we made it extra scary with the addition of old dolls, mannequin parts and pieces, and more creepy cloth than ever!  We started the display by creating a giant hanging fixture with branches as the base that we tied the mannequin parts to and then draped completely with moss, creepy cloth, and cheese cloth.  Next we added old black and white pictures, skulls, and dolls throughout the display.  We took the creepy factor up a notch by painting the dolls with black paint and draping them with cloth to make them look extra worn and old.   Check out the finished product below and then some of our inspiration photos for our creepy Halloween look:


Creepy Halloween Inspiration:

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