Saturday, September 13, 2014


Well it's officially in the seventies here in Lexington. And while I'm more than ready for the leaves to fall, cool autumn temperatures do mean that it's time to start coverin' up those stems. It may be just about time to retire those summer shorts, but thankfully covering up can be just as fun. One thing that I'm really looking forward to wearing in the upcoming cooler months are printed pants. From colorful cords, to plaids, flouncy wide legs and even bell-bottoms, pants are all over the place in all different shapes, colors, and prints this season. I'll always be a die-hard fan of anything with some pattern to it, but there's something especially fun about a pair of printed pantalones. So grab a belt, a pair of boots and keep those legs warm people, its going to be a fun fall.

Need a Back-to-School Outfit Idea? Here's 50!
Come on, does she not look like a total bada**? These checkered pants look amazing with the patent leather boots, and i just love the little peek-a-boo of the ankle.

Fellas can have just as much fun with their bottoms too. 

fringe purse and printed pants, love the hippie look
I just died and went to pant heaven...Everything in this picture just went on my Christmas list.

While her feet may be just a bit chilly, the floral print looks perfect with this slouchy heather pullover.

Triple Thread
I love how subtle this print is. It's like the flowers are just a little surprise for up-close on-lookers.

Sure it may be coat weather, but these florals are still in full bloom.

good from the back... dots + leather.
Really, what is comfier than a pair of flouncy pants. And what else makes your legs looks miles long?!

And now it's time to show ya some of our amazing pants we have in the store now. What's great about them is each can be styled in so many different ways to fit your look, mood, and the changing weather.

Cropped floral pant (Medium) $12

Happy Legs tapestry pants $12

Bobbie Brooks red and black plaid pants $9

Flouncy leopard pants $16

Brown hounds-tooth trousers $12

Green tweed pants $12

Floral cord pencil pants $15

Apologies for not putting all of the sizes, almost all of them are unmarked. Your best bet is to come see us and try them on for yourself :) All in all, if legs have to be covered in these cooler temperatures, they may as well be colorful!

Stay warm,


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