Saturday, October 11, 2014



Hello friends! I have a new favorite fall/winter/yummycoolweather accessory that I would like to take a moment to share with ya. It's the infamous fur collar. While I usually don't consider myself a fur wearer, I really feel that these vintage pieces are beautiful and deserve to be worn and enjoyed:) A fur collar is most commonly seen attached or worn over a winter jacket, and while that is a chic amazing look I'm a little more interested in mixing it in with other ensembles too this season! For example, paired with a cozy sweater to add a little pizzazz, with a plaid or flannel shirt for the lumber jack in you, over top any classic cardigan, or with whatever your heart desires! 

Here are some of my favorite looks I found...

(All images we're found via Pinterest)

And now we get to the real fun, the fabulous fur collars we have here at Street Scene!

 Large fur collar $24

 Blonde fur collar $28

 Mink fur collar $15

5 Mink collar $50 on consignment

Small grey fur collar $5

Mink fur collar $18

 Really sad to tell you that we don't have any that are this FUR-OCIOUS
(Sorry to disappoint)

Hope you try these and find your own way to rock some fur around the neck, FUR-REAL.
Until next time!

Stay furry,


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