Tuesday, October 7, 2014

{How to Wear}: The Fringe Jacket

The combination of both bohemian and western styles being popular this fall has made fringe a huge trend in both clothing and accessories.  Fringe jackets are one of the staples to many of these looks, and thanks to their extreme popularity in the 60s-70s, we have many authentic vintage versions in the store right now! Whether you want a longer style, short and cropped, oversized, or fitted, we've got it!  I've gathered some of my favorite fringe jacket outfits, so you can see just some of the many ways to wear this look. From dressing it up for a more professional vibe a la Miranda Kerr with her sleek all white outfit and heels, or going more casual like Kate Moss with a simple white tee, jeans, and boots, the possibilities are endless with this must-have piece!

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More Fringe Looks to Love

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