Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Advent Calendars

I love the tradition of advent calendars for Christmas and it is always something I remember doing growing up.  Our advent calendar was the 1980s Avon cloth calendar with stuffed mouse that you move from day to day.  I have had this every Christmas since I was born and it has always been part of my Christmas decor and memories.  I had no idea until recently that this was such a popular item and so many other people also had it!  When unpacking my Christmas decorations this year, I was horrified to find that the little mouse was MISSING!  This is a crucial part to the calendar, and there is simply no replacement for the little stuffed mouse.  I vaguely remembered my dogs stealing the mouse several times the year before when the calendar was out, but I was sure that I had rescued the mouse and that the calendar was completely in tact when I packed it up.  I searched and searched and could not find it anywhere.  So I go to my foolproof plan when anything random is missing, Ebay.  Come to find out these calendar are now super collectible, and apparently the mouse missing is a very common problem.  The calendars were costing up to $50 for just the calendar and NO MOUSE!  Needless to say I was determined to get my mouse, and I had to pay a pretty penny for it.  

There are so many different advent traditions from household to household.  My best friend always had the classic cardboard calendars with chocolates inside of them.  These usually feature a Christmasy scene on the front and are probably the most popular type of advent calendar today.  Some people do little gifts each day, a book a day, or decorated cookies.  

There are also lots of modern advent calendars popping up on blogs and Pinterest that turn the whole idea into more of a decoration that you can display in your house throughout the holidays.  Most of these are easy to DIY and personalize which will make the tradition that much more special!  Here are some of my favorite advent calendar inspirations:

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  1. Love that you had the same mouse advent calendar we did!