Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hello New Friends

The Newbie

Bonjour! I'm Jillian Dunaway, for those of you that don't already know. If you are a frequent guest to Street Scene you may have heard my name being called out from across the store to stop climbing on things "like a monkey."

Here is a little bit about myself since I will now be sharing my thoughts and ideas on the inter-web with you. 

I am a bit of a wild child...obviously. Always have been,a always will be. I study Merchandising Apparel and Textiles at the University of Kentucky... its my 5th year, but you know what, sometimes the keep the EXTRAORDINARILY AWESOME students a little longer.

When I am not in class or working you can find me out and about around Lexington, I love shopping local and most of all eating local. I love food, all kinds, really all of it, except for sushi. Yeah I don't like sushi, or Brussel sprouts. ICK

Oh here is what I look like:
Me, Jillian Dunaway 

I took this picture just now for you, because I am GLAMOROUS like that. I have always been glamorous as you can see in Exhibit A:
Exhibit A

See I told you!

So why Vintage? You know when you are looking at something at a garage sale or flea market or really anywhere with used items and think "why on earth does this exist?" "what could someone possibly do with that?" usually those are the items you will find in my home, or on me (haters are going to hate.) I am just attracted to the uniqueness, and that one of a kind 'lust' that vintage items carry. I works for me. I also love the feeling when you are 'junking' and find that perfect item that just speaks to you. Its usually something like "Hello friend! I know you don't need me but look how pretty I am, take me home with you and love me forever and ever" and I am just like "You are strange but OKAY!" *hug* 

I can't wait to start blogging and sharing my thoughts and ideas with you all. I think you will like, no LOVE what I have in store.  

Until next time new friends.



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