Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Hello there friends!
It's me again.

While I hope its not as nippy where you are as it is here in KY, I've got an little idea to add some spice to a drab winter wardrobe.


No, not a big chunky cozy one that you would expect me to be wearing in the middle of January...


I've stared to notice lately that my wardrobe is lacking a little color (maybe because when it's 3 degrees outside, wearing anything but black just seems WRONG). 
So this mornin' I decided to add a little bit of much needed color to my ensemble. I did so with a beautiful, dyed silk scarf that I had the luck of finding in a Paris thrift shop a couple of years ago.
I wrapped the little baby around my head and called it a day. I love that the scarf holds back my curls a bit while also keeping my head (somewhat) warm-ish.
While the frigid winter months may not seem like the usual time to wear a delicate silk scarf, I'm willing to mix things up a bit and hope you will too!

Here are some of my favorite ways I found to wear them.
(All of which can be found via Pinterest).

Here's a perfect example of using a colorful patterned silk scarf to jazz up a neutral winter outfit. 

I love these looks where the scarf is tied up close to the neck. It does a whole lot more for the outfit than just adding some neck protection to a chilly day!

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a sucker for anything with a feline on it.
This is no exception.

Okay, I know this is most certainly not a winter look but come on. How can I resist?!

A sweet little bow to compliment a cool weather trench is a perfect feminine touch. 

Tie it up! Here are some precious hair looks.

Small square silk hankies are perfect for something like this. They're too small to do much else with but way better than just your run of the mill hair tie.

This is something I had never thought of! I can't wait to try it out.

Silk hankies or just regular cotton hankies would be perfect for a little project like this. A simple inexpensive frame from a craft store can showcase a beautiful vintage piece perfectly.

This one is leaving me speechless.
I think this is absolutely STUNNING.
Sewing together a slew of larger silk scarves can completely transform a space,
not to mention give it a whole lot of personality.

So, you ask, where can you find yourself some awesome silk scarves in the dead of winter?
Well, any street market in Paris, France.

 But if you can't manage to globe-trot at a time like this...

We've got a whole bunch of scarves, be it knit, fur, and especially silk ones.
They come in all different colors, patterns, and sizes.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Brown Oscar De La Renta scarf

Coral and blue small square hankies
$3.00 each

Large square OHIO State scarf
Just a coincidence that they won the National Championship last night

Blue jewel and rope scarf

Blue floral polka-dot scarf

Vera scarf

Pink ombre scarf

Crazy patterned scarf

Pink and white striped small square hankie

This are just a few of the many special ones we've got right now.
Come in and see them for yourself!

Until next time.

Stay sassy,

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