Thursday, January 8, 2015


Olivia here.
Did ya miss me?

I hope the holidays were as kind to you as they were to me.
Oh, and and before I forget: HAPPY NEW YEAR.
HELLO 2015.

Now, lets get down to business.
As I'm sure you all discovered your own style additions to spice up the holiday season, I have one of my own in particular that is absolutely carrying itself over to the new year.
I have recently become quite obsessed with tights.
Ya know, just your run of the mill black sheer or opaque tights that make it O.K. to wear dresses and skirts through the bitterly cold winter months.
But there's so much more than just those.
Iv'e recently become very into patterned ones, colored ones, ones with slight details to add a bit of extra pizzazz, and even distressed ones (my personal favorite).
I am and always will be an advocate of showing off a little leg, and thanks to these babies, we can 
all year long.
With no further adieu, here are some of my favorite ways to style the ever-versatile tight.

 I recently wore some sheer black tights under a maxi dress with a slit in the side. I loved the little bit they peeked out, and that they kept me much warmer. I love what she's done here with the thigh-highs.

 Opaque tights add so much warmth to an outfit. I love them paired with a big chunky grandpa sweater.

 Possibly my favorite way to wear tights...WITH SHORTS...

I LOVE that she paired them with knee-high socks and these awesome boots.

 Sheer black tights are great for the days that are just a tad bit warmer.

Oh, I just love a good romper.
And I usually say goodbye to them in the winter, but not anymore!
I wore a pair of black opaque tights with a patterned long sleeve romper on NYE and loved it.
Just don't plan on making too many trips to the restroom, it's not the easiest of outfits to get out of...
but well worth it.

Here are just some really ridiculously awesome tights I stumbled upon...

So, I don't know if any of you fellow tights lovers share this issue with me but I can't seem to keep one pair of tights very long without getting a big ol' run in them.
My final straw was on night when I was getting ready in a hurry.
I was OH SO CAREFULLY putting on a perfect pair of brand new tights. Just as I thought I had gotten them on successfully, clumsy me tugged a little too tight on last time and created a run from waistband to toe.
I was sad to say the least.
As was almost ready to retire tights for good.
Then, one day while getting dressed, I put on what I thought was a pair of freshly washed, hole-free black tights. I looked in the mirror and realized that they were actually an old pair of tights that I had worn on a night out and completely obliterated.
I loved the way they looked on and went with it.
I get so many compliments, comments, and questions every single time I wear them.

"Do you know your tights are ripped?"
"Is that on purpose of accident?"
"Aren't your legs cold?"
"Did you buy those like that? Because it looks like you did."
"Your tights have a hole in them".

All in all, I love them.
And I think you will too.
Not to mention, it's a perfect way to recyclable tights that you would normally toss. 

 Mine aren't quite this holey, but the more the merrier!

 Wearing mine with already ripped denim shorts is my favorite.
Wearing them with an equally edgy outfit makes them look completely intentional.
BUT, wearing them with something not as daring makes the whole outfit that much radder;)

They're even on the runway.
I most certainly did not need that validation.
But to anyone that was doubtful

Well, I hope this inspires you to spice up your legs this winter whatever your style may be!

Stay sassy,

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