Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Hi friends,
happy Tuesday.

Iv'e got a little story for ya'll this mornin' with a very happy ending.
Once upon a time, (before my days of being a Street Scene employee) I was killing some time browsing on this here blog. I  had ventured back a couple of weeks on the blog when I found myself on a post that particularly caught my eye. It was  highlighting a couple of special purses in the store, that happened to be in need of a good forever home. 

There is was, a ridiculously beautiful floral tooled leather purse like none I'd ever seen before. As soon as I saw it I called the store immediately in hopes that it would still be there...IT WAS, but I was on my way out of town and couldn't go retrieve it. Some time went by and my mama decided to stop in and get it for me one day. The purse was no where to be found and seemed to have sold. About a week went by and miraculously my mom got a phone call from the one and only magical unicorn of Street Scene: John Feather.
The purse had been FOUND.
And would very shortly be mine.

OH, and here it is (I feel like a proud mama showin' off her beautiful baby).
This is actually the exact photo that I saw on the blog over a year ago.
It was love at first sight.
Shout-out to Miss Maggie (Our friend who is currently frolicking among the icebergs of Antarctica) for posting this wonderful blog and introducing me to the tooled love of my life.
Here's the original post:

I cannot begin to tell you how perfect this purse is. Since owning it I've carried it close to every day.
 I've used it SO much that it is currently being doctored at a local leather shop. 
I really feel like a part of me is missing when I'm not carrying it, because it's become a staple and an integral part of my everyday wardrobe.
But once it's all fixed up I'm confident that I will have this amazing vintage piece forever. 

I told you the story had a happy ending didn't I?
I wasn't lyin'...

I walked into work this morning only to discover that yesterday we got in not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR beautifully unique tooled leather purses.
Without further adieu...

I don't know who FJF was, but she had some pretty FABULOUS purses.
This one has two straps and a really awesome metal closure
On consignment for $50.

This once is a really special shape. The crossover sections on the front and back are actually open flaps to store some small things. I love the round Aztec detail on this one too. My favorite touch on it? The inside has a zipped compartment (that looks like it's gator skin) and the zipper is turquoise.
On consignment for $50.

I love the mix of black on brown on this one. The inside of the purse is really perfect. It's separated into two sides and has three zipper compartments, and three interior pockets. 
Talk about being organized.
On consignment for $50.

This one has a great longer strap. Even the strap has tooled details. It's incredible to think of all the time, effort, and craftsmanship that goes into each one of these handmade pieces. 
A tooled purse is proof that it's ALL IN THE DETAILS.
On consignment for $50.

I hope that one of you is just as inspired by this post as I was by Maggie's previous one. 
A tooled leather bag is a perfect piece that will last a lifetime with a bit of tender love & care. (I have been using a leather conditioner on mine for a couple of months..can you tell that I love it?)
Until next time!

Stay smiling,


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  1. oh! the second one is whispering to me from afar! i will be in lex on friday or sunday of this weekend. any chance you would hold the bag for me if it has not sold yet? please let me know! thanks so much!