Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jillian Investigates

Hello Friends,

So we have this strange creature in our store...

And I have been summonsed to investigate 
(being the fearless one, ya know)

They come in all shapes, colors and sizes

Sometimes plants can live in them

They light up

They use to sit on top of something nearly every household owns

One could describe them as "Gaudy"

They were popular in the 1950's

Can you guess what I am?

Drum Roll please!

I am a....


Beautiful White 1958 Leaf TV Lamp $60

Ummmm ok. 
So what the heck is a TV Lamp?
 Why do I care about this strange looking thing?

Well this is a good question dear friend.

In the 1950's America went though this 'explosion of creativity.'
Suddenly these everyday items that surrounded peoples everyday life started to be produced with all these new and exciting shapes and colors. These items are now what we refer to as 'mid-century.'

You know what also started popping up in 1950's homes?

Now nearly everyone had experience watching films at local theaters and drive-ins, when watching films at these places they were always in the dark.
Thus, when TVs because popular in the home, Americans were accustomed to watching things in the dark, so it became a natural habit.

Like with every new technological advance comes health concerns. With the TV came concerns for straining/ damaging ones eyes focusing on something so dully lit (tvs weren't as bright then) in a darkened room.

So the creation of TV Lamps. 
They sat on top of your TV and lit up in hopes the eye strain level would be decreased. 


Just like anything else in the 50's these TV Lamps came in crazy shapes and colors. They became the 'hood ornament of the home' if you so.

And there you have it friends, every thing you ever wanted to know about TV Lamps.

So now lets take a look at some of these crazy creatures.

All Images found via google image search

So yeah, nobody likes to take nice glamorous photos of TV Lamps (I mean really, why wouldn't you?!?)
But there you have it. 

Aren't they wacky and wonderful?

TV Lamps guys
They are a thing.

Until Next time friends,


Information about tv lamps found at

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