Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Hello Again Friends! 

One of my very favorite events will be happening in the Lexington Convention Center next weekend
 (March 7th & 8th)

 'Kentucky Crafted: The Market' 

I absolutely love wandering up and down the rows gazing at all the different Kentucky Proud (and select out of state) art, craft, literature, music, film and food.

I have been attending this Kentucky Arts Council event yearly for as long as I can remember.

In honor of this magical upcoming weekend I have dedicated my blog to all the locally made art we proudly sell here at Street Scene!!!

K A T H Y  W E B B 

Fly Girl- $49, Truck Stop Guy- $125, 
Black Cat- $49, Small Fuzzy Bee- $49

W E H N E R D O G  C R E A T I O N S

Earrings- $14, Necklace-$14, Bow- $7

B L I S S F U L  D E S I G N

Fuzzy Scarf- $30, Knitted Scarf- $26

J E S S I C A  H  W H I T T I N G T O N

Large Knit Ear Warmer- $28

E U P H O R I C  D E S I G N S 

Cameo Bracelet- $32, Floral- $30

S T E L L A  B E L L A  B O U T I Q U E

Tube Necklace- $17, Blue Earrings- $16, Layered Set- $35, Tassel Earrings- $12.50, Triangle Earrings- $16

B O B  L O V E 

Lexington Card- $5, Wood KY- $190, KY Print- $15

B I L L  C O U L T A S 

Coin Necklace- $30, Coin Bracelet- $28

All of our fabulous artist have other items not pictured, so come check them out!

We also have other great items in store proudly made here in the USA!

Have a FANTASTIC week friends! 
I hope to see you at Kentucky Crafted: The Market next weekend! 

Until then, see you at
 S T R E E T  S C E N E 

xoxo, Jillian 

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