Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Hello again friends

I was once asked "if you could wear any one color for the rest of your life what would it be?" 
You know what my answer was


It never goes out of style, and appropriate for almost all occasions.
Its mysterious, elegant, modest, arrogant, and bold all at the same time.
Can be worn year-round.
One can take over the world while wearing all black.
One is also prepared for whatever the day throws at them. 
Never over dressed and never underdressed.

I don't just mean a black top and some jeans..
I mean all black everything.
Its not just for New Yorkers

"Like a frame to a painting, black ensures that the person is the first thing you see."

-Donna Karan

Here is some inspiration 
later you will find items we have here at STREET SCENE

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Sunnies-12, Shoes- 12, Dress- 25

Sunnies- 12, Purse- 18, Shoes- 15, Necklace-16, Dress- 18

Sunnies- 12, Shoes- 18, Shirt- 18, Pants- 20

Belt- 8, Shoes- 18, Purse- 28, Shirt- 14, Pants- 15

Until next time friends



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