Wednesday, July 1, 2015



What's is the best accessory of the Summer, you ask?

Well of course the answer is...
Also known as sunglasses, but what ever floats your boat. 
Something I love about sunglasses is that you can have that one signature go-to pair for everyday wear BUT ALSO you can have those funky pairs when ya wanna mix things up a bit. And believe you me, if you're lookin' for a funky pair of sunnies...look no further. That's right, we just got in a whole slew of new sunglasses. Best part? 
Each of these can be yours for only $12 each!!! WHAT?!?!? Crazy I know.

Now, since we are a vintage store I've included my favorite pair of vintage sunnies we currently have in store now. They have a really amazing detail on the sides and are priced at $15.

Hope this inspired you to bring a little pizzazz to your summer eye wear!
P.S. Stay tuned...I hear we may be getting even more spectacular sun glasses soon...

Stay sunny,

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